Strong collaterals, low interest rate.


The logic here is also very simple. The bigger the collateral, the lower the interest rate. The more the bank sees that there is no risk and that you are taking on as much risk as possible, the lower the interest rates. Why; We said: the interest rate is the mirror of the lender’s risk. For us now in Greece, the following apply: Bank security with a memorandum of mortgage of the property you are buying or with a second one that is in your possession, to you or your guarantor or the co-borrower with you. And bank security with a pledge of a deposit product that you own: either a term deposit, or a bancassurance product, or any form of deposit that always has its capital guaranteed.

Memorandum of mortgage

Learn more about how the memorandum of mortgage acts as security for the bank and what you need to provide.

Cash collateral

Get informed about the alternative of cash collateral by pledging any type of investment deposit

For such matters we will be happy to meet you and inform you because there is a lot of experience on our part that can help with very good results and always completely free of charge.

Securing the bank with memorandum of mortgage

How is the bank

We must always remember the following here: The memorandum of mortgage on the property is a written agreement between the bank and the borrower that in case of default (we do not pay correctly) then he has the right to sell the property. No property marked down to secure a mortgage secures 100% of its value. 

Value change of your

Banks also take into account the potential falls in real estate prices, with the result that at best they take it as collateral for percentage of its value at about 120% and above. More simply €120,000 property value for a €100,000 mortgage. The memorandum of mortgage is also the most frequent case that we find in these loans as collateral for the banks.

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We definitely believe that a meeting with you would solve all your questions about memorandum of mortgage: how it works, why it happens, how much it costs and more. We will be happy to take advantage of the eCredit team’s many years of experience in the subject.


How is the bank

Here we have the case that we want to take loan but we don’t want to spend our own money.

In these cases you definitely enjoy a preferential pricing policy from the banks because: 1st, they reduce completely their risk by pledging money directly and 2nd, they do not reduce their deposit base at all.

Reasons to obtain a loan
using money as the basic collateral

He will reasonably ask someone why would someone do something like that if they have the money and he can buy the property himself. But here every case is different, others because they feel insecure to invest all their money in property, others for tax reasons and others for the reduced interest rates that are offered to them proceed to pledge the account of them by taking an equal amount of loan.

Funds are a strong

It is always a prerequisite the form of the deposit to be a guaranteed capital for the bank’s security and let’s not forget that there are long-term guaranteed capital deposits as much as a mortgage which have a high probability of offering returns greater than our loan rate with the final result being our net profit (and property and money that they paid off better than inflation).


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